The Messianic Temple

Understanding Ezekiel's Prophecy by Chaim Clorfene

This book has been 2600 years in the making. It was that long ago that the prophet Ezekiel had a vision of a future Temple that would bring peace and harmony to the world. And with the vision came the tradition that the key to building this Temple was to learn its design. But Ezekiel's cryptic design was confusing even to the greatest of scholars. And so it was neglected and even suppressed down through the ages. It was almost as if Ezekiel had concealed the plan of this Temple until the time was right for it to be revealed.

Now, the time has come. The first user-friendly version of Ezekiel's prophetic vision has been published. After a decade of research, Chaim Clorfene, a respected Temple scholar, has utilized the power of computer technology to unravel the secrets of Ezekiel's Temple and bring its meaning and design within the grasp of every reader. The Messianic Temple presents the original Hebrew text of the last nine chapters of the Book of Ezekiel, with a new English translation and digest of commentaries, and more than 200 illustrations and 3D architectural drawings. This large and beautiful graphic book will be a treasured addition to your Biblical library.

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Over 200 Color Illustrations

The book is lavishly illustrated with over 200 3RD renderings, photographs, and original artwork.

About Chaim Clorfene

Chaim Clorfene lives in Tzfat, Israel, where he spends much of his time writing and teaching about the Third Temple.

He has authored many books and wrote and directed the documentary video, Wake the Dawn, the Story of Jerusalem's Holy Temple.